Ms Wildman

Welcome to the Lighthouse!

The Lighthouse is the Nurture Class within St Bride’s Primary School. Miss Wildman and Mrs Brolly work together with the parents to help support children who have social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.

We aim to:

  • Understand that children learn step by step
  • Create a safe base for all children
  • Support you through changes in life
  • Recognise that all your behaviour communicates with us
  • Help your confidence grow
  • Support your language development

The core group of children come to the Lighthouse every day until lunchtime. During this time they take part in various indoor and outdoor learning experiences to support their development.

Parent involvement is vital throughout each child’s journey in the Lighthouse. They will be invited into the Lighthouse to discuss their child’s progress and to take part in activities.

An open invite is available to all parents to drop in every Friday between 1pm-2pm to have a chat with Miss Wildman and Mrs Brolly.

Thank you for your continued support.

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