Class 6A

Mr. Duffield
Primary 6A

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Welcome to Primary 6A.

Term Overview


In Maths the children will be deepening their understanding of money through practical activities and applying their skills to complex maths problems. They will also build on their knowledge of decimals and fractions in term 2 by exploring the relationship between decimals, fractions and percentages.



Children will focus in Non-fiction texts this term. They will experience a wide variety of texts and learn how to probably decode them and how to effectively take notes.



This term the children will be focusing on non-fiction writing. They will write a report on the life cycle of a frog as well as exploring and analysing biographies.


Social Subjects

Global Citizenship will be the focus of term 3. Children will have the change to choose and research their own Global Goal (ask your child what this is). They will examine Sustainability more closely as a class



Children will be learning about energy and the processes of conversion.


Children will receive spelling homework on a Monday which is to be completed in their literacy homework jotter, signed by a parent or guardian and returned on Friday morning. Children will receive additional homework for their Maths and Reading groups. This should also be signed and returned to their group teacher by Friday morning.

Gym Times

Gym is on Wednesday at 2-3 pm and Friday 1-2 pm. Please ensure that your child has their gym kit on these days and has appropriate footwear (rubber soled trainers or plimsolls). From January-March girls will be attending swimming lesson on a Thursday morning. They should bring a swimming costume and towel with them on this day.

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