Class 4B

Mr Hannah
Class 4B

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As you learn at home these grids will help to support your learning. If you are supported in Mrs Gajree’s Reading Group click on the link below. Just click on the links in the timetable and it will take you straight to the game or activity.

Online Learning Timetable 1

If you mainly learn with Mr Hannah. Click on the link below. online learning timetable 2

Have a look at both grids as there could be activities that you would enjoy on both. Have fun P4!

Term Overview

Home Learning

Hello everyone,

Have a look at the Blogs on our school website. There is work on those pages for you to do so that you keep busy and keep learning.


Why don’t you give the daily maths challenge a go? Set a timer and try and do it in 60 seconds or less. Daily Maths Challenge 

Gym Times


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