Class 4A

Mrs Adkins
Class 4A

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Online Learning Timetable 1

If you are supported in Mrs Gajree’s Reading Group click on this link for your grid.

Online Learning Timetable 1 online learning timetable 2

If you mainly work with Mrs Adkins click on the link above. 

children, please remember to leave a comment on the Blog Post or the Twitter Post and tell us about your great learning!

Spelling Strategies 

Boys and Girls you have lists of spelling words in your learning packs. Please use the spelling strategies that we have used in class to help make learning your spellings FUN!


Term Overview

Dear Parent, while your child learns with you at home I will be updating the Class Webpage and the School Blog with activities and support. Please leave a comment on any activities from the blog that you choose to do.
I wish you all well and good health during this difficult time. 

Talk together about how you are all feeling each day and you could maybe keep a diary to remind yourselves of the time that you spent together when we return to school.

 Boys and Girls, I was looking at pictures of the fun times that we spent together and wanted to share some with you.



Gym Times

Staying active everyday is important! Why not try the P.E with the Body Coach?

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