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Ms McGinty
Primary 1

Welcome to Primary 1!

As we will be working from home over the next few weeks, please use this page for ideas and websites to help your child with their learning. Pupils should also complete the home learning packs and continue working through the activities on the Homework Grid provided at the beginning of term.

In our class, we learn through play. Here are some ways to encourage learning through play with your child at home:

Imaginative play – Role play various jobs e.g. a doctor tending to a patient, a farmer feeding animals, a hairdresser styling hair, a shopkeeper serving a customer, a mother/ father caring for a child. Small world play (using toy animals, dinosaurs, cars, figures).

Creative play – draw, colour and paint pictures; write stories, letters, lists, poems etc; construct models using lego, bricks, building blocks, cardboard; build a den; make crafts using straws, paper, glitter, pompoms etc; make up and perform a play, dance routine or song; use different household objects as instruments to create music; use different ingredients to help an adult bake a cake or prepare a meal.

Exploratory play – take part in messy play using mud, sand, glitter, water, shaving foam, flour, spaghetti – the messier, the better! Play outside (only if possible) and write down/ photograph the different objects you find, the sounds you can hear, the things you can smell. Experiment using different materials – can you make a boat that floats? Can you make a plane that flies?

Learning through play is fun!


Term Overview

Below are a list of websites you can use to help your child with learning at home.

Twinkl – this website has various resources for all curricular areas. It is free to use for 1 month when signing up with the following code: Enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS






Health and Wellbeing

  • Youtube – Search P.E. with Joe Wicks every day at 9.00am for live gym classes.


Remember to wash your hands with soap and warm water as often as possible.




Please continue to help your child practise the words on the sheet provided in their homework folder. Say them, read them, write them, use them in a sentence. Once your child has become confident with the highlighted words, they can move on to practising the next set. To access a range of reading books online, please go to the following website: Click 'My Class Login' Username - StBrides1 Password - Primary1 Once your child has read a book, they can complete the following activities:

  • (Say, draw or write)
  • 5 finger recall
  • Describe the characters
  • Discuss the plot
  • Sequence the events using First, Next, After that, Then, Finally...
  • Some of the Oxford Reading Tree Books online also provide follow up tasks and questions that can be completed.
Continue to complete the activities on the Term 3 Homework Grid for the next couple of weeks. This will be updated in Term 4 after the Easter Holidays.   I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying your time at home with your families. Miss McGinty

Gym Times

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